February 28, 2012

  In this review we have Quickshade Strong Tone. Something that has occurred in the package of the Army Painter that we ordered.

  Why Strong Tone? Because it is between other two tone (soft and dark), and we expect that the middle tone to demonstrate the best, means not soft or dark, always seeking the middle.
-as a model we use the old Chaos Space Marine, undercoated in white.

-the basic body parts are left in white, just to see the behavior of Quickshade on it,  the rest is painted in Snoot Green as shown in the following three photos

-in the next step face is painted with Rotting Flesh, hair-Codex Grey, weapon-Adeptus Battlegrey, plasma chargses-Ice Blue,metal parts-Boltgun Metal,  the following four pictures show that

-Quickshade time, just wash quickshade on model, and wait one day to dry (about 24 hours) , nex five photos describe it

-after 24 hoursyou can kill the gloss model look, using matt varnish(spray is recommended )

-and finally we conclude, nothing special, too many hours to dry, We recommend it only for the production of large armies, simple colors, two or three colors max...
-in the next review we will try with a little more complex figure, just to understand a little better this Quickshade....

February 27, 2012

Salamanders Assault Terminator squad

Hi there!

Here we have some assault terminators, also for sale! C&C are welcome!




February 20, 2012

Warhammer 40,000 25th Anniversary


Well, here it is...25 years have passed. Thank you GW on lot of fun, fine models, sometimes bad rules but all in all, its a great game =)



February 18, 2012

Ultramarines, old project

Ahoy ye all!

Here we have some painted Ultramarines, we painted them a year ago and decided it is time to sell them.





February 10, 2012

...and we go on with projects: Genestealers and Raveners

Hi there!

Here we have some genestealers and raveners, all painted in Leviathan scheme for our client. Enjoy!