January 20, 2011

Painting tutorial: Power weapon effects, simple version two


I´m going to show you how to make simple looking power sword by painting it somewhat like blending technique.

GW goblin green (you can use blue, red, yellow or any other color you like)
Any acrylic white paint
Standard brush


Undercoat with black
I´ve painted goblin green directly on black primer:

Now mix green with little bit of white and brush half of a sword with it like shown on picture (dont bother your self with untidy look, it gives more power effect in the end):

Repeat the procedure by adding more white to green. (paint everytime closer to the tip of the sword):

At the end, paint the tip with white to finish it and to represent effect of „power“ in sword:

And here it is...ready to kill Emperors foes... =)

What can I say.....CHAAAAAAARGE!!!

Gallery - Random terrains

Aloha friends!

Here we have some terrain pieces I´ve made, trees are homemade (I will put a tutorial in few weeks), flock is also homemade (tutorial will also come in a few weeks).

If you have some questions like 'how did you' or 'why did you' feel free to ask! =)

those streets above are still unfinished terrain, will post it when I´m done =)

Some of this terrain is going to have their own tutorial when I find time to make them so stay tuned.

January 5, 2011

Tyranids - Trygon

The Tyranids are a sinister intergalactic horror, a menace from beyond the stars that seeks to devour everything in its path....


                              ebay item #:330516247704

January 3, 2011

Scratchbuilding: Making a Leman Russ - Dredo style :-)

Greetings boys and girls!

In this tutorial I'll show you how to build something a little different......
I'm a guard player (naturally because I love tanks :-D ), but although a GW Leman Russ is a good tank model, I wanted to make my guard army look more modern.While I do own three GW Leman Russ tanks, I designed some new tank models to represent a Leman Russ. I drew my inspiration from Forge World Macharius which I think is a great tank model.

 Hope you'll like it :-)

So let's start!

Things you'll need:
ruler, scalpel, liquid superglue (reccommend Loctite superglue), PVA/Drvofix glue, 300g/400g paper, 1mm cardboard paper, regular paper, various IG tank bitz.

1. Glue the parts on corresponding paper and cut them:

2. Start combining outer track panels:
.....and building tracks:

3. Next is the hull:

4. The Turret:

5. Then combine track, hull, and turret:

6. Next comes the weapon. For now I'll just make a battlecannon, when I start making more Russes, I'll make every weapon available:
Take a regular size brush and wrap a normal paper around the handgrip (note. the paper tape is 7,5 cm wide and 210 cm long)

7. Wrap a 2,5 cm paper tape around one end of the battlecannon tube and another 1 cm paper tape around the other end of the tube:

8. Set the cannon tube on the turret and draw out the line and cut it out:

9. And position the turret on the hull:

10. Next come the tracks; cut out a wide cardboard strip (cca 1 cm in width):

............and cut out the strip into small chunks (cca 1cm width, 5mm length), you'll need lots of them:

11. And glue these strips on tracks:

12. The tank is finished! I glued some various tank bitz to better represent the model:

13. I didn't put any sponsons on the tanks because I'm not a big fan of them, but if you want to you can glue the Leman Russ sponsons on the track panels:

You can get the template here.