July 20, 2011

Gallery: Dark Eldar Army

Howdy people!

Here is the Dark Eldar army Bobo played with at the Agram Arena 2011 tournament plus
photos on our new project: painting Grey Knight Terminators and Masters Of The Chapter:

Dark Eldar:

Wyches & Raider:

Kabalite Warriors & Venoms

Razorwing jetfighter:


Haemonculus No.1:

 Haemonculus No.2:

 Wych Hekatrix:

Painting Grey Knights part one:

 Masters Of The Chapter:

Gallery: Dark Eldar beasts

Hello everybody!

Here are some pictures of Dark Eldar Khymera beasts:

Agram Arena 2011 tournament - Black Queen painting contest

Howdy people!

Here are the photos of Black Queen painting competition:

Single miniature:



Large miniature:


Open category:

Manufactorum Stormraven: