April 26, 2012

Imperial fists dreadnought and Ultramarines terminators

Hi there!

Today we´ll show you our latest work - Imperial fists dreadnought and Ultramarines terminators. As you already know how we paint Imperial fists, we will explain how we painted Ultramarines.

Imperial fists dreadnought


Ultramarines terminators:

1. whole model was airbrushed with Regal blue and then airbrushed with Ultramarine blue.
2. joints and metal parts were painted with chainmail.
3. crux, chest eagle, helmet and all those little skulls were painted with skull white.
4. purity seal wax and eye lenses were painted with mechrite red and purity seal parchment with snakebite leather then drybrushed with bleached bone.
5. sergeant´s front armor was painted with mechrite red, and buttons were painted with shining gold and his face was painted with bleached bone, then washed with ogryn flash. Hair was made with adeptus battlegrey.
6. storm bolter ammunition was painted with shining gold.
7. then, it´s wash time! Whole model was washed with badab black (helmet included), purity seal with devlan mud, metal parts also with badab black, front armor on sergeant with devlan mud, storm bolter ammo also with devlan mud.
8. eye lenses and purity seal wax were highlighted with blood red and whole armor was highlighted with 50:50 mix of ultramarines blue and skull white.


We hope you like them! C&C welcome! Cheers!

April 25, 2012

How to paint Imperial Fists

Greetings boys and girls

This tutorial will show you how we paint Imperial Fists Space Marines.

We have lots and lots of spare miniatures, ranging from ordinary tactical marines to terminators. We were brainstorming for some time and decided to paint them as Imperial Fists. Its a very beautiful color scheme, can be very demanding to paint, but the overall result is something not many marine players have in their collection.

One important thing you will need to paint Imperial Fists is an airbrush. You could paint this colour scheme with a brush, however working with yellow paints is something which averts many marine players from painting Imperial Fists.

The airbrush will give you a nice colour coverage, the technique is very easy and the final result is top notch.

Here is a list of paints we will use:

For yellow armour - undercoat with GW TAUSEPT OCHRE, then GW GOLDEN YELLOW, then wash with GW ORGN FLESH or GW GRYPHONE SEPIA. Highlight with GW BAD MOON YELLOW

For metal parts - paint with GW CHAINMAIL, then wash with GW BADAB BLACK

For crux, chest eagle and skulls - paint with GW MECHRITE RED, then highlight with GW BLOOD RED

For purity seals - paint with GW BLEACHED BONE, then wash with GW OGRYN FLESH

For eye lenses - paint with GW DARK ANGELS GREEN, then paint GW SNOT GREEN, then paint GW GOBLIN GREEN

For Storm Bolter - paint with GW CHAOS BLACK, then highlight with GW CODEX GREY

For Storm Bolter skull and eagle - paint with GW BLEACHED BONE, then highlight with GW SKULL WHITE

Now lets go over to painting.

1. The whole model is airbrushed with GW TAUSEPT OCHRE.

2. The we airbrush it with GW GOLDEN YELLOW.

3. The metal parts are painted with GW CHAINMAIL, then washed with GW BADAB BLACK.

4. The whole model is washed with GW OGRYN FLESH (alternativley you can use GW GRYPPHONE SEPIA).

5.The crux, chest eagle, skulls and purity seal wax are painted with GW MECHRITE RED, then highlighted with GW BLOOD RED.

6. Eye lenses are painted with GW DARK ANGELS GREEN, then with GW SNOT GREEN, then with GW GOBLIN GREEN.

7. The armour is highlighted with GW BAD MOON YELLOW.
Storm Bolter is painted with GW CHAOS BLACK, then highlighted with GW CODEX GREY.
Storm Bolter Skull is painted with GW BLEACHED BONE and highlighted with GW SKULL WHITE.
Purity seal is painted with GW BLEACHED BONE and washed with GW OGRYN FLESH.

And here it is! Hope you enjoyed it! C&C welcome! Cheers!