September 10, 2012

new stuff painted!!!

Hello again!

We have some new stuff painted! Hope you like them!

Imperial fists honour guard:


Imperial fists Master of the watch:


Lizardmen skinks:


Bretonnian Peasant Bowmen:


Hope you like them! Stay tuned, we´re going to have some new stuff soon! Cheers!

Our first awards


Dredo has won first awards for Manufactorum! We´ve had in Zagreb, Croatia international tournament so we´ve decided it´s time to put our work on ultimate test. And we passed, thanks to the excellent work of our Dredo! Congratulations mate! 

Second place in "Masterclass" category:

Gray knight brother captain:

Third place in "Open" category:

Imperial fists Land raider:

This excellent piece can be yours: EBAY

Congratulations, once again!

September 7, 2012

Let´s make it simple - Crimson fist space marine

Hello everybody!

Today we´ll show you how to paint Crimson fists space marine in a simple way! Materials we are going to use:

Black undercoat 
GW colors:
Regal blue
Chaos black
Skull white
Bleached bone
Mechrite red
Dwarf bronze
Ultramarine blue
Devlan mud wash
Badab black wash

1.) Undercoat model with black. Then (when its dry), we airbrushed the whole model with regal blue.

2.) Next step is to paint chest eagle with white, bolter with black and chainmail, left hand and purity seal wax with mechrite red, and purity seal parchment with bleached bone. Joints on armour, backpack vents and mouth grill are also painted with chainmail.

3.) When the paint is dry, wash shoulder pads, legs, helmet and arms with badab black (recesses are washed, not the whole model), also wash bolter, chest eagle, armour joints, mouth grill, backpack vents and left (red) hand. Take devlan mud and wash purity seal. Paint skulls on helmet and backpack and eye lenses with mechrite red and wash them with black. Eagle on bolter us painted with dwarf bronze and washed with with devlan mud.

4.) Highlight the model with ultramarine blue and highlight red parts with mechrite red (or you can use some brighter red, I did´t because it was washed with black so red was pretty dark). Use chainmail and lightly drybrush bolter. You can highlight chest eagle with skull white. Optionally, use blazing orange to highliht eye lenses.

And this is it! It took me about one hour to paint one marine but it took me around 5 hours to paint the whole squad. When you got them lined up, you just paint them like they are on a production line :)

Here´s a pic of the whole squad: