September 2, 2011

Death company project

Ahoy everybody!!

I´m starting a new project, it is for my Death Company list. All I need is 3 Rhinos and it´s done. I´ll work on this project for some time, so stay tuned for more pics in the future.( It will be slow but purposeful :D  ) so, here we go...

Firstly, I´ve glued them all to bases ( there was some pinning involved ), pinned backpacks ( metal and plastic power combined =)  )

Then...IT´S BASING TIMEEE!!! Some of them were previously undercoated so only 18 models were unfinished.

My third step was a black is the result!

Stay tuned for more pics...I´ll update the blog every time I paint something...

...and don´t´s easier to work with beer somewhere close!! =) 

Summer break

Ahoy, everybody!

We´ve had our summer break!!! Now, our batteries are recharged for a new season so expect some new stuff in a couple of weeks!!

Stay sharp!! =)