December 31, 2011

December 20, 2011

Finished project - Blood Angels

Hi there!

We have a lot of work so we apologize for not posting anything in a month and half. These lads are one project we have finished...hope you like them =) cheers!

November 4, 2011

Manufactorum project: Dreadfleet painting part 2

Howdy people!

In part two we'll show you how we painted the Dreadfleet bases.

So let's start!

1. First we painted the bases with GW Chaos Black and airbrushed with Vallejo Imperial Blue.

2. The waves are then airbrushed with Vallejo Magic Blue....

3. ...followed by another airbrushing of waves with Vallejo Electric blue.

4. The the whole bases were washed with thinned down GW Regal Blue.

5. When the bases dried, we drybrushed the tips of the waves with GW Skull white.

And thats it!

Stay tuned for more!

November 2, 2011

Manufactorum project: Dreadfleet painting

Greetings everybody!

Here is our new project; painting Dreadfleet.

Ships wheel

The counters were airbrushed with GW Skull White
Then I airbrushed them with GW Bleached Bone.
The inside surface was painted with Vallejo Glorious Gold.
The whole wheel was washed with GW Ogryn Flesh.

Navigation pad

The navigation pad was painted same as Sheep wheel: I´ve airbrushed with GW Skull White
Then I airbrushed it with GW Bleached Bone.
The whole pad was washed with GW Ogryn Flesh.
The nubmers were painted with Vallejo Glorious Gold.

Flaming Scimitar

The Scimitar was undercoated with GW Chaos Black.
The hull was airbrushed with Vallejo Royal Purple.
The deck was airbrrushed with Vallejo Leather Brown.


The Heldenhammer hull was airbrushed with GW Skull White.
Then the hull was painted with Vallejo Bloddy Red.

Grimnir's Thunder

Here are some pictures of an allmost finished Grimir's Thunder:

The model was airbrushed with GW Chaos Black.
Then I aribrushed it with GW Chainmail.
The gold parts were painted with Vallejo Glorious Gold and highlighted with GW Mithril Silver.
The green parts were painted with GW Dark Angels Green, then with GW Snot Green.
The model was then washed with GW Badab Black.

More pictures coming soon!

October 13, 2011

Important notification

We are proud to announce that we became a part of the FROM THE WARP blogger group.

Link is on our page so feel free to click and explore...where no man (or xenos) has EXPLORED before =)  sorry, I had to say it.

cheers and have a great surf! =)

October 11, 2011

Death company project - part II

I have found some time to paint my project again... =)

first, I have painted all power weapons...

second, 13 DC and Chaplain are being painted with GW snakebite leather. All those skulls, purity seals, Imperial Eagles...

13 more to go... :D :D :D
stay tuned...


October 1, 2011

Painting: Imperial Guard Storm Troopers

Howdy boys and girls

here are some pictures of Imperial Guard Storm Troopers, painted in desert camouflage.

Here is how I painted them:

1. Assemble all models and bases

2.Basecoat the models and base in GW Bubonic Brown

3. Paint the armour and belt in GW Bestial Brown

4. Paint the boots, grenades and knifeholders in GW Snakebite Leather

5. Wash the whole model and base in GW Ogryn Flesh

6. Wash the boots with GW Scorched Brown

7. Paint the Imperial Eagle in GW Shadow Grey, then paint GW Skull White

8. Apply small patches of GW Bubonic Brown on the armour

9. Paint the edges of the patches with GW Bleached Bone

10. Add small patches of GW Dead Grass on the edge of the base with GW Scorched Earth

And voila!


September 2, 2011

Death company project

Ahoy everybody!!

I´m starting a new project, it is for my Death Company list. All I need is 3 Rhinos and it´s done. I´ll work on this project for some time, so stay tuned for more pics in the future.( It will be slow but purposeful :D  ) so, here we go...

Firstly, I´ve glued them all to bases ( there was some pinning involved ), pinned backpacks ( metal and plastic power combined =)  )

Then...IT´S BASING TIMEEE!!! Some of them were previously undercoated so only 18 models were unfinished.

My third step was a black is the result!

Stay tuned for more pics...I´ll update the blog every time I paint something...

...and don´t´s easier to work with beer somewhere close!! =) 

Summer break

Ahoy, everybody!

We´ve had our summer break!!! Now, our batteries are recharged for a new season so expect some new stuff in a couple of weeks!!

Stay sharp!! =)

July 20, 2011

Gallery: Dark Eldar Army

Howdy people!

Here is the Dark Eldar army Bobo played with at the Agram Arena 2011 tournament plus
photos on our new project: painting Grey Knight Terminators and Masters Of The Chapter:

Dark Eldar:

Wyches & Raider:

Kabalite Warriors & Venoms

Razorwing jetfighter:


Haemonculus No.1:

 Haemonculus No.2:

 Wych Hekatrix:

Painting Grey Knights part one:

 Masters Of The Chapter: