June 24, 2011

Manufactorum project: Painting Blood Angels "Vampire" Company

Howdy boys and girls!

We've got ourselves a first big project - painting Blood Angels "Vampire" army, 1750 pts

The army:
 - Mephiston, Lord of Death

- Sanguinary priest
- 5 Assault Terminators: 3x Thunder hammer/storm shield, 2x Lightning Claws

- 10 Tactical marines: meltagun, plasma cannon, power fist/storm shield

- 10 Tactical marines: flamer, missile launcher, power weapon/storm shield

- 5 assault marines: meltagun, power weapon

- 8 death company marines: power fist

- 2 rhinos

- Furioso Dreadnought: 2 Blood Talons

- Land Raider

Here are the pics:

The first thing we'll start with is basing them:

Next, we'll spray every model (except death company marines) white:

Doing good so far :-)

Next up - airbrush every white painted model with GW Blood Red:


While Dredo is busy with airbrushing, why not throw in a game or two, this time its Sisters Of Battle vs Black Templars:

 Mental note - don't stack up marines in front of 4 flamers.....

And this is why:

Some eye candy :-) :

Dice can sometimes be a real bitch:

 On with airbrushing:

 The bases for death company marines were finished first:

More pics coming soon!