October 13, 2011

Important notification

We are proud to announce that we became a part of the FROM THE WARP blogger group.

Link is on our page so feel free to click and explore...where no man (or xenos) has EXPLORED before =)  sorry, I had to say it.

cheers and have a great surf! =)

October 11, 2011

Death company project - part II

I have found some time to paint my project again... =)

first, I have painted all power weapons...

second, 13 DC and Chaplain are being painted with GW snakebite leather. All those skulls, purity seals, Imperial Eagles...

13 more to go... :D :D :D
stay tuned...


October 1, 2011

Painting: Imperial Guard Storm Troopers

Howdy boys and girls

here are some pictures of Imperial Guard Storm Troopers, painted in desert camouflage.

Here is how I painted them:

1. Assemble all models and bases

2.Basecoat the models and base in GW Bubonic Brown

3. Paint the armour and belt in GW Bestial Brown

4. Paint the boots, grenades and knifeholders in GW Snakebite Leather

5. Wash the whole model and base in GW Ogryn Flesh

6. Wash the boots with GW Scorched Brown

7. Paint the Imperial Eagle in GW Shadow Grey, then paint GW Skull White

8. Apply small patches of GW Bubonic Brown on the armour

9. Paint the edges of the patches with GW Bleached Bone

10. Add small patches of GW Dead Grass on the edge of the base with GW Scorched Earth

And voila!