August 10, 2010

Scratchbuilding tutorial: Space Marine Rhino

Welcome boys and girls.
In this post I'll show you how to make one of the simplest vehicles - a Rhino.

Things you'll need:
- scalpel
- ruler
- Stick glue
- PVC/Drvofix glue
- Super Glue (preferably liquid glue NOT gel - I use Loctite Super Bond)
- 300g paper
- 1 mm cardstock paper

Well lets start. First I print out all the pages.

after that I'll cut all the pieces and sort the out to see which parts will be glued to 300 g paper and which parts will be glued to 1mm cardstock.

then I'll wait a couple of minutes till glue dryes up, then I'll cut the pieces again. When all pieces are cut out, I'll start with building a hull.

When the hull is finished, next I'm gonna make tracks. I'm gonna cut the engine holes in the panels but its entirely optional.
to fill the gap between the track wheels, I'll cut a thin line from cardstock paper (cca 4mm width, 2.5 cm length) and bend them in two places and place them between the track wheels.
after that I glued cardstock parts on the sides and on the top of the track section and then I made the tracks from cardstock (1 cm width).

Then gule the hull and track ection together.
Finally put the front armour plate, upper armour plate, side engine hatches, upper and rear hatch and tank hatches.

And there it is, a Rhino.

Here is the link to the PDF template