October 14, 2010

Terrain tutorial: Making simple terrain - rocky hill

Ahoy there ! ! !

Today I'm going to show You how to make a rocky hill.

Material I will use:
Kapafix board (or stirodur as it is more commonly known) - 0.5, 2 and 3 cm thick
Real rocks cca 2 - 4 cm large (found in large quantities on tram line - watch out for the tram though : )  )
Real coarse gravel
GW sand or bird sand or cat sand
Drvofix or PVC glue
White and black colour (I use START acrylic paint - very cheap but just as good)
GW static grass
GW tank brush (or similar)
GW detail brush (or similar)
old newspaper
....and a girl who knows how to make delicious lasagna : )

so lets begin with preparation

1.first I'll determine the size od the terrain and cut away the kapafix

2.then I'll use the scalpel to cut away the terrain edges to make a slope and a basic appearance of the base (let it be uneven)

3.after that I'll take a thick kapafix whitch will be the basis of stone blocks andI'll cut away the edges on them too (let them also be uneven); when you cut out enough stone block put them on the base to get the approximate appearance of the terrain.

4. there are two ways to make authentic stone texture:
     1. scratch the surface with a scalpel
     2. you take a real rock and press it against the surface of the kapafix

5. the I'll position this kapafix on the terrain base on which it will stand

6. when the position is determined, I'll take a toothpick, break it in two and put one part on the base, coat it in PVC glue and put a stone block on it

7. after all block are on the base, place real rocks on the base to get 'real' weight and glue them with PVC glue. Put stone blocks one on another to get the desired hill effect. If you get some cracks, don't worry. Just fill them with PVC glue and put in coarse gravel.

8. let the PVC glue dry and see how the lasagna progress is going : )

9.  after the PVC glue has dried, undercoat the whole terrain with black spray. Undercoat every surface and don't worry if spray erodes the kapafix, it only contributes to the stone imitation.

10. mix black and white colour to get the grey hue

11. start painting : )

12. grey primer.......

13. after the grey has dried, add some more white into the mix to get an even lighter gray colour and start drybrushing the edges to get the desired effect

14. water down the black and wash the whole terrain (or use GW badab black wash)

15. at the end, highlight the stone edges with white...

16. after the paint has dried, next thing is putting on static grass. Mix PVC glue and water 40/60 and spread the mix on the surface. Sprinkle the static grass and shake off the excess....

17. use a detail brush and coat the mix on the desired stone blocks to imitate moss or grass. Sprinkle static grass and shake off the excess....

18. and the terrain is finished...even Lupino is happy : D
Paint the edges with desirable paint  (brown is great)

Static grass can be bought in every hobby store, brushes can be bought in every tool store........

This terrain was built with easily accesible materials......

October 4, 2010

Daemon Prince - painting skin stage by stage

  - first buy Daemon Prince
  - second remove part from the sprue  and remove molding lines
  - third step glue it in some cool pose

                                                                                  - clik on image

   - sprey whole model with:   - black (if you want darker tone)
                                         - white (if you like lighter tone)

  - armor plates paint  with  watered-down  mix of  Adeptus Battlegrey and Chaos Black 1:3
  - basecoate flesh  with  watered-down  Mechrite Red
  - thing that supose to be wings paint with watered-down mix of  Regal Blue and Chaos Black 1:2
  - then added more water in previos mix ,and wash lower legs

                                                                        - clik on image
                                                                      - clik on image    

  - flesh areas paint whit Blood Red
  - paint carefully watered down  Mechrite Red  into the fleash  recesses
  - metal parts paint whit Boltgun Metal

                                                                      - clik on image            
                                                                     - clik on image                       

  - raised areas of skin highlighte with watered mix of Blood Red and Blazing Orange 1 : 2
  - metal  areas wash with  Devlan Mud

                                                                    - clik on image

                                                                        - clik on image                        

  - the flesh was given a further highlight of Blood Red and Blazing Orange 1 : 1
  - another highlight on raised areas was added, this time whit Blazing Orange and Fiery Orange 1 : 1

  - a final flesh highlight was made whit Fiery Orange and Skull White

                                                                       - clik on image

                                                                       - clik on image