August 28, 2012

Let´s make it simple - Black templar terminator

Hello people!

We want to show you how to paint with simple techniques and have good result. This is not going to be tutorial for master painters but maybe they´ll find few good tips and tricks too.

This tutorial was created with the desire to help people who generally do not know how to paint professionally but want their miniatures look good on the battlefield. The aim was to help all those people who have just started with the hobby or have a short time in the hobby.  

The idea was that with the help of a few simple tricks or solutions, that we have gathered in many years of painting and convey to others. We hope to enjoy!

Today we are going to paint Black templars terminator sergeant and we are going to need:
We are still using old paint set (we have to use them, why to throw them away? :) )

Chaos black
Skull white
Fortress gray
Dwarf flash
Elf flesh
Dark angels green
Goblin green
Ultramarines blue
Blood red 

Devlan mud wash
Nuln oil wash
Ogryn flash wash

first, we´ve primed whole model in black. We used airbrush but you can use any black primer. Then, we´ve painted all areas that will be white with fortress gray.

2.)  Next, I´ve painted metal parts with chainmail and purity seal with bleached bone and blood red. Also, paint leaves on armour and hands with dark angels green.

3.) Third step is to paint face with dwarf flesh and paint only leaves with goblin green.

4.) Wash time! Wash face with ogryn flash, I´ve painted crux and skulls with white and now wash them with devlan mud. Also wash leaves and purity seal with devlan mud. Wash chainmail parts with nuln oil.

5.) Now, highlight face with elf flesh (thank you Ron for tutorial), and light drybrush whit white over crux and skulls. Also, you can optionaly use very light drybrush over leaves.

6.) Final step is to paint lightning claws. I used ultramarines blue. Drybrushed it partially. Then mix ultra blue and skull white to have some lighter blue and also drybrush it over but try not to cover whole ultra blue undercoat. Use skull white for light drybrush over the edges to gain "glowing" effect. 
For armour, I´ve used chainmail to highlight it. I´m not big fan of gray highlight so I use chainmail for two reasons: one is because in my opinion, it´s more realistic and two, you gain that "worn armour" effect.

7.) This step is optional. I´ve tryed to freehand BT symbol.

Final result:

August 20, 2012

Summer break


We´ve had our summer break and we are full of new energy! So expect some new stuff soon...


August 1, 2012

New and old terrains

Hello everybody!

We like to show you some of our terrains. Some of them, we made recently and some are made months ago. We make use of our unused CD´s and created simple but effective terrain, especially when with 6´th ED terrains have much more meaning than in 5´th ED.

We used styrofoam mostly but material that we also used are all kind of little bottles, kinder surprise egg (for tyranid spore/plant terrain), straws, static grass, sand, real wood pieces...

So here are pictures and we hope you like them: