May 19, 2011

Gallery: Imperial Guard Chimera by Dredo


Here is a new design for an Imperial Guard Chimera that I've been working on:

Stick around for a tutorial on how to build one and  download link for plans.

Critics and comments please :-)

May 4, 2011

Gallery: More terrain picutres

Ahoy mates!

Here we have some new terrain pieces from our garage factory. 


Terrain tutorial - how to make CD terrain

HI all!

After a long time it´s time for another tutorial! It´s simple and easy to make! If you don´t know what to do with all your old CDs and DVDs, this is a simple solution!

CD or DVD (obviously)
Drvofix (PVC glue)
Static grass
Brush (large)
Brown, white and gray color
Black primer
Can of beer



 1. first, cut out the desired pieces of stirodur and glue them on CD

2. use drvofix glue and cover whole CD (as shown )

3. sand it! :D

4. next, after couple of minutes and few sips of beer, spray terrain with black primer.

5. when primer is dried, paint sand with brown, and „rocks“ with grey

6. mix brown with white and drybrush sand with it

7. mix grey with white and drybrush rocks with it

8. then, after it´s dry, use white and drybrush whole terrain, sand and rocks

9. at the end, put drvofix glue ( mix it with water 70:30 in favour of glue) on random places, sprinkle static grass and shake off the excess.

10. and it´s done! 


Death Company Dreadnoughts

Howdy Y'all

here are two death company dreadnoughts that I made: